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Web based application to discover and analyse needs of web map users

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CartoUI is the new way to research the actual needs of web map users. CartoUI provides interactive tool for implementation of user’s needs research, possibilities to analyse and discover requirements of web maps functionality and usability.

Your Needs!

Create your own map while specifying your needs

Specify your requirements for a web map by actually creating a map — that’s the main idea of using the CartoUI research tool. This tool is a web map builder you can use to create your very own web map with functions, layout, menus, data, all in the style you need and like. While creating the map of your dreams you are participating in an anonymous and data protected research project designed to help us in our needs analysis project for making these tools ever more powerful and pleasurable for you! Create your own web map and analyse what other users have been creating.

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Understand the needs of web maps users

Get insights about users needs and requirements for web maps. Analysis tool calculates statistics of different web maps parameters like functions, layouts, menus, colors use in user created web maps. You can choose users profile parameters (social, demographical) and get insight about this group requirements and needs for web maps.

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Learn from the users experiences

Get inspired and find new ideas from the maps created by users. Take a look and review different maps created by different types of users. Learn from users experiences and find out how they imagine web maps, how these maps look. You can specify users profile parameters and review maps of specific group of users.

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About the project

CartoUI is a tool developed for Web maps functionality reseach methodology which is main objective of PhD work. One of the main objective of this new, currently-developed reseach methodology is to identify the general needs of Web maps users using new way of implementing user's requirements analysis. This new way is to get users requirements for web maps not from tests or questioneries but from process of web map creation. CartoUI tool allows users to create they own interactive map with functions, layouts and menus they need, using drag'n'drop function place map elements in the map layout where they want, also style map elements as they want. User can interactively build map and CartUI collect all information about map parameters also general social information about user. All this allows to analyse different user's needs for different types of maps. Also it lets discover how users can create maps, what type of functions, layouts, menus they need, which style, colors they prefer to use. So CartoUI and functionality research methodology can be used for implementing user’s needs assessment, analysis and discovering of requirements for web maps.

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Hi, I'm Andrius

I'm developer of CartoUI and Web maps functionality reseach methodology. I study PhD in Vilnius university and CartoUI is part of my PhD work. If you want to get more details about my work or have suggestions for CartoUI and web maps functionality research please contact with me. You can also find me in my personal website -